Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest pleasure

I started with my favourite quote from Harry Potter although, as you well know, I’m a full grown up :).

I haven’t wrote on this blog for six years ( that’s for sure a lot of time) and I haven’t even thought about it for a long time. I sometimes miss writing but as you probably know, interests change over the time.

Since we’re currently going through Covid 19 crisis and in the last years I became an active person, I find it hard to stay in and I try to constantly find different things to do. As I’m not into watching series anymore or playing online games, I’ll try to keep a jurnal here and write about the activities I do in isolation and maybe I’ll give you some idea as well.

I also started reading more and more and discovered some of the ebooks are hard to find so I thought I could add them here since I already downloaded/transformed them so that other kindle users could use them.

This being said and considering I started with a Harry potter quote, I highly recommend you, adults or kids to read , if not already, or re-read this series. I only read it once, back when I was a kid and going through it now was for me really interesting and captivating and I actually found it profound at times and for sure hard to acknowledge all its meanings at a young age.

I hope you’ll enjoy it and let me know if you did :), you can find the .mobi/epub/etc books below:

Moda urbană sau cum să te rupi în figuri

Nu mă mai uit la televizor de mulţi ani. Am renunţat la el în studenţie, când viaţa de cămin n-avea “antenă” . Cu toate astea mondenităţile mă lovesc din toate parţile, că stau la stop, la coadă ori vorbesc cu vreo prietenă reuşesc să aflu negreşit, noutăţile. Îmi place să despic firul în patru, fie că-i vorba despre cine cu cine se mai mărită, cine mai divorţează cu tam-tam sau ultimele tendinţe din modă. Continue reading

Despre muzică şi bună dispoziţie

Să mă scuze “sensibilii” , în povestea de azi este vorba despre un calup de melodii comerciale care merg caaaa pe val :). Nu sunt nici ipocrita, îmi asum şi restul postărilor în care am criticat şi răscriticat curentele astea. Continue reading